Section 504 Information

Upon receipt of a 504 referral, the 504 Committee will meet to determine whether your child is eligible for services under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This meeting is necessary to determine the most appropriate school program for your child.

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Section 504 only applies to persons considered to have a disability as defined in the 504 Act. As a result, the question of eligibility is a critical issue. According to the law, the 澳门皇冠最新备用网址RHS 504 Committee has sole authority to determine eligibility. When determining the eligibility of individuals for Section 504 protections and services, the following questions must be addressed by the 澳门皇冠最新备用网址RHS 504 Committee:

1. Is there a physical or mental disability?
2. If so, does it impair a major life activity?
3. If so, is the degree of impairment substantial?

In the educational environment at 澳门皇冠最新备用网址RHS “learning” is most often the major life activity being affected. If so the 澳门皇冠最新备用网址RHS 504 Committee must ask:

1. Is the student currently being discriminated against?
2. Does the student have a disability that is substantially affecting his learning?
3· Is the student being excluded from participation in the learning environment because of the disability?
4. Are accommodations necessary to give the student an equal opportunity to succeed in the learning environment?

504 is about granting accommodations to give equal opportunity to succeed. 504 is not about granting eligibility in anticipation of possible discrimination. The committee will keep you fully informed concerning decisions about your child.

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